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Dr. Vinay Prasad ( AP ) *

Pediatric Pathology - Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

2200 Children's Way, 11219 DOT
Nashville, TN 37232-9065

Vinay Prasad, MD

Dr. Vinay Prasad is a pediatric pathology leader and educator. Currently the Division Chief of Pediatric Pathology services at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN, Dr. Prasad spent 10 years at The Ohio State University’s Nationwide Children’s Hospital as the Director of Surgical Pathology and Pediatric GI Pathology. Prior to that Dr. Prasad held leadership positions at Arkansas Children’s Hospital and worked at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH), Miami Children’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital.

An outstanding educator, Dr. Prasad received an 88% rating, one of the highest, by the medical students at Harvard Medical School, Canon Society. In 2010, Dr. Prasad received the Educator of the Year award at Nationwide Children’s Hospital/Ohio State University (OSU). He developed e-modules for courses for medical students at OSU, taught medical students, residents, fellows and peers in various settings and serves on several fellowship and resident committees.

Serving on several national committees, Dr. Prasad has made important contributions to education, research and leadership development. He has given several talks on Team building, motivation and leadership at the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). Dr. Prasad has an interest in emotional intelligence and mindfulness and is working with the Vanderbilt Pathology Education Research Group (VPERG) to identify and implement early intervention in medical education to counter bias.

Serving on many editorial boards, national and local executive committees and associations, Dr. Prasad has written 2 book chapters, 36 peer reviewed papers, over 53 invited talks, one TEDx (DiscoveryX) talk, and 39 platform and poster presentations. With a special interest in decreasing errors, identifying bias and improving patient safety, Dr. Prasad is a faculty member for the Fundamentals of Laboratory, Business and Human Resource Management at Vanderbilt University.